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Inflection Point Hub:

A peer advisory community for growth-oriented business owners.

Inflection Point: "An event that changes the way we think and act."

Andy Grove, Intel Co-Founder

You started your business because you wanted something better...

✔️ Doing work that energizes you

✔️ Serving great customers

✔️ Freedom to live life on your terms

Without intentional effort, the dream of business ownership can turn into just another job where you're responsible for everything, constantly recreating the wheel, and always "ON". Not only this, but it's lonely and challenging. You feel like you're the only one facing these challenges.

What if you could...

Cultivate deeper levels of self-awareness for more effective leadership

Strategically plan to leverage your strengths for greater profitability

Create team roles to confidently release tasks to your team


Be part of a supportive community of fellow business owners

Develop systems for greater effectiveness and profitability

Discover renewed focus as you own the CEO role in your business


If you said yes to any of the items above, the Inflection Point Hub is for you. We’re creating a community of business owners to share the experience of releasing the drudgery in their business and discovering the joy that’s possible when you lean into your energizers, the work that lights you up and creates the biggest impact for your customers and your bottom line!

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Rhonda Peterson guides growth-oriented business owners and emerging leaders to lean into their strengths and ROE (Return On Energy) which increases their ROI, both professionally and personally. Why? This focused energy opens space for greater impact in your organization because you are doing your best work.

Passing on the wisdom gained in coaching leaders and authentically sharing her own leadership experiences helps her clients connect to the importance of how the soft skills of leadership affect the bottom line -- that their own energy can make an impact on profits, efficiency, team culture, and more.

Rhonda's own transformation to an ROE focus meant moving from marketing products to marketing people. She transitioned from marketing products into coaching leaders as they develop their Return On Energy and thought leadership for team leadership and marketplace impact.

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Jeff Heyer-Jones is the founder and President of SparkEvolve. He's always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From a young age Jeff had several side hustles including house sitting, tutoring, landscaping, and selling prepaid legal plans. His earliest memory of entrepreneurship was having his mom purchase a box of Airhead candy at Sam's Club, selling them at school for a profit and re-investing that cash into more product.

Jeff believes business owners and leadership teams in the small to mid-cap market should have access to experienced operational executives that allow them to leverage the operational side of their business as an advantage.

He founded SparkEvolve in 2019 to help this market create and tie their strategies to daily operations and improve operational outcomes. Throughout his career Jeff has saved organizations over $46 million dollars and has helped to solve complex problems with innovative and sustainable methods.

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What is Inflection Point Hub?

Join Inflection Point Hub - a peer advisory community designed for growth-oriented business owners like yourself who want to grow your business and your self through access to curated experts and resources, and a cohort of like-minded people.


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