Strategy Sessions

A Strategy Session with Rhonda is laser focused on one issue that you are dealing with right now. It is designed to give you clarity and confidence to respond to your issue and move forward in a way that is wise and strategic for your leadership. 

Are you working through something challenging with your team, leadership, or culture?

If something has come up that needs to be addressed right away, but you aren’t certain of the best move for the situation, Rhonda’s expertise will guide you from uncertainty to confidence. 

If you have a burning question, need a sounding board to process ideas or options, and you’re in a hurry to make a smart decision, a strategy session will give you: 

  • Trained ears to actively listen to your concerns
  • Executive guidance to help you navigate the messy middle
  • Commitment to activate your capacity to regain your clarity 
  • A safe place to process your thoughts

Investment: $397 for a recorded, 50 minute Zoom call.

Let’s help you find clarity on one pressing issue.