Looking to step off the “good enough” treadmill and get on the track of excellence?

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Tired of feeling overwhelmed, settling for less, and lack of clarity?

This workshop is designed to help you conquer these struggles AND position you to FLOURISH! so you can finally live out your Masterpiece Work, both at work and at home.

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What This Workshop Has to Offer

The Activate Your Masterpiece™ Workshop provides the foundation to break out of the same old same old using Rhonda’s fresh approach to looking at your world.


You are a high achiever! Life gets busy. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important as you try to keep up with all your roles and responsibilities. It’s time to gain a new perspective on who you are and why you’re here.

What You Have Received

Your life experiences are the canvas on which your Masterpiece Work is painted. Each of the people you meet and experiences of your life shapes you in some way. What are the gifts you’ve accumulated in your life?

What You Have

Each of us has unique gifts, talents and strengths that equip us for our Masterpiece Work. God’s gifted you to lead in a specific way. Where have you recognized it?.

What You Want To Create

Creativity is more than painting a picture, writing a book or singing a song. Creativity is also seeing the world in a new way, having a new idea, or developing something different. If you see a new possibility, I have good news! Your Masterpiece Work is calling out!  What would it take to bring that to life?

Where You Have Been

Ups and Downs, bumps and slides! The roads you have traveled and the “souvenirs” you have collected along the way are no surprise to the Creator. Your journey adds depth to the canvas of your Masterpiece Work.

How You Want to Contribute

Frederick Buechner says, “Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world's greatest need.” The Activate Your Masterpiece Workshop™ helps you see the intersection of your work with the world’s need. Your Masterpiece Work is at the intersection of your work and your faith – your highest contribution to humankind.

What Attendees are Saying

“I enjoyed the Active Your Masterpiece™ Workshop. Rhonda is a dynamic facilitator and the content was a good reminder to faithfully pursue the path you were created for.”  – Karen M.

“I attended Rhonda’s Activate Your Masterpiece™ Workshop at a time when I was feeling like a few aspects of my life had become a bit of a “train wreck.” After participating in the workshop, I left feeling grateful to have met some lovely people, and much more at peace. Rhonda’s message helped me realize that maybe I had just forgotten who I was, for a while. Thanks for giving me tools to get back on track!”  -Robin C.

“The Activate Your Masterpiece™ Workshop brought a fresh perspective for me as an Equipping Minister. It connects the giftedness of community with the power of individual discovery. I appreciate this different approach and aspect of self-reflection and the discovering who I am and the complete picture of how I have come to this place in my life. The workshop builds on this self-discovery to then help me discovery how I can contribute who I am in my personal and professional life.” 

-Diane A.

“This workshop inspired me to reflect more on scripture and God’s power to strengthen me.”  -Debra T.

I know I can help!

I’ve been where you are. I’m a high-achiever, too. I was the go-getter who took it all on. I didn’t accept that “NO” was an option or that I couldn’t do it all.


I was on the treadmill of work, family, community and church commitments. And the perfection I was seeking in all I did? It wasn’t happening. Last minute? Family getting the short shrift? Yes, that was all me.


I know what you’re balancing because I’ve been there. My plate has been overflowing. The reality is for any of us, an overflowing plate means we’re not at full capacity in anything we do. We’re not able to fully focus on the high-capacity results we seek because the treadmill just keeps going.


I found a way to get off the treadmill and become that true high-achieving self I wanted to be. I found that saying NO wasn’t a negative, but produced the freedom to climb the right mountain of achievement for me.


Today, I’m your catalyst for courageous clarity. High-capacity leaders find their own courageous clarity when they work with me. The solution isn’t about learning a new technique or trick to fit it all on your plate. The solution is activating what’s inside you so you can focus on what’s most important, your Masterpiece. When you do this, you will make your greatest impact. You will be doing your Masterpiece Work™!

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