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Letting Go; Delegation to Empowerment

Moving from Delegation to Empowerment is an intentional process. Expecting a new team member […]

Moving from Delegating to Empowering

Empowering is critical to organizational leadership. What’s the difference between delegation and empowerment? For […]

Your Team Isn’t Always On Your Payroll

Many of the resources you utilize for business success aren’t on your payroll, but […]

Focus On What You Have and What You Want

As a leader, it’s important to focus on what you have and what you […]

Know Your Strengths and Style in Leadership

Tom Rath, author of Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams and Why People Follow, […]

Know Where You Are Going

Defining and sharing the vision of your organization is critical to your success. When you share your vision, it:

  • Provides focus
  • Sets priorities
  • Saves time and energy

Share your vision with your team. A leader without followers is just out for a walk. A leader without a team is going to be very exhausted….and not as effective as when they have a team working alongside them. Recently I was leading a team meeting tasked with developing a team covenant for a larger group. We were thinking through how to get the larger group to buy into the covenant we wanted to develop.

Planting Time is Coming!

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about timing.  Planting seeds is about timing. My […]

A Season of Preparation

Winter is a season of preparation, an opportunity to plan for next season’s crop […]

Anticipation and Preparation

In gardening, as well as farming, you can’t enjoy the crop without preparing, planting, […]

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