What kind of leader will YOU be?

So much of the move into leadership requires mindset shifts, new ways of thinking, and better ways of leading ourselves and our team. 

It involves flexing intellectual and emotional muscles we didn’t even know existed before this learning curve of leadership. But ultimately, becoming a highly effective leader means embracing newness and support in ways you’ve never received it before so you lead better.

My leadership journey led me to invest in coach training, and I received my certification in Executive and Professional Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2011. My focus and expertise is in helping financial service professionals uncover their leadership and style in this area and lean hard into them. I believe with all that I am that you can overcome whatever fears and struggles you are experiencing as well.

When we try to live in perfection and performance, we miss the opportunity for growth.

Consider the nautilus. Do you know the process by which it grows and matures into a beautiful, complex creature? As the nautilus matures, it creates a new, larger chamber and moves its growing body into the larger space, squeezing its body through a small duct in the old shell wall and then sealing the vacated chamber with a new wall.

We are like the nautilus. In order to flourish, we must seal off the past. We must move into the new, larger chamber that we have been called to, even if it means sitting in a season of greater effort that yields us less results. 

We can’t experience our best -- our Masterpiece Work™ -- when we are not willing to try new things, to struggle, to fail, to be incompetent in the beginning, struggle with the process, and then find something of value in the results of our labors. It’s uncomfortable to sit in that season, yet this is where our most impactful growth and development can be achieved.  

Even if the work accomplished isn’t perfect, it’s still forward movement, movement toward the Masterpiece Work™ you’re called to do.