What kind of leader will YOU be?

Growing and scaling your business requires a mindset shift that can be challenging to work through on your own, especially when it comes to being a highly effective leader without burnout or dissatisfaction with your work. 


Hi, I’m Rhonda Peterson, executive coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator for growth-oriented business owners and emerging leaders.


Clients hire me to help them lean into their strengths and ROE (Return On Energy), which increases their ROI, both professionally and personally. This focused energy opens space for greater impact in your organization because you are doing your best work.


Do you believe in courage?
 I believe in feeling the fear and moving forward anyway. 

Can you imagine what is possible?
 I can. Let’s look to the future and see how it looks for you and your team. 

Do you believe in laughter?
 I do. Laughter reduces stress and frees up your mind for new possibilities.

Do you believe in collaboration?
 I do. When we empower everyone within our organization to participate as their truest selves,
we allow their unique gifts to make the world a better place.


I help clients understand and value how the soft skills of leadership affect the bottom line. Understanding yourself and how you are energized in your work impacts profits, efficiency, team culture, and more.


I make it fun and enjoyable to discover your energizers and put more of them into your work. It doesn’t have to feel stuffy and heavy. Seriously, if we can’t have a good time while doing hard work, what’s the point of that?!

Are you ready to move forward into more fulfillment in your business?

Consider the nautilus. Do you know the process by which it grows and matures into a beautiful, complex creature? As the nautilus matures, it creates a new, larger chamber and moves its growing body into the larger space, squeezing its body through a small duct in the old shell wall and then sealing the vacated chamber with a new wall.

We are like the nautilus. In order to flourish, we must seal off the past. We must move into the new, larger chamber that we have been called to, even if it means sitting in a season of greater effort that yields us less results. 

We can’t experience our best -- our Masterpiece Work™ -- when we are not willing to try new things, to struggle, to fail, to be incompetent in the beginning, struggle with the process, and then find something of value in the results of our labors. It’s uncomfortable to sit in that season, yet this is where our most impactful growth and development can be achieved.  

Even if the work accomplished isn’t perfect, it’s still forward movement, movement toward the Masterpiece Work™ you’re called to do.