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Don’t Settle! The Right Business Community Will Take You Far.

Small business owners often find themselves with their nose to the grindstone, doing so […]

Want a Greater Impact? Increase Your Return On Energy.

Small business owners have more responsibilities and tasks coming at them than anyone can […]

Motivate Your Team with Celebrations Big and Small

There is never enough time in the day as small business owners work tirelessly […]

Gratitude is a Powerful Leadership Skill

The world would be a better place if we could all live with more […]

Effective Hiring in a Buyer’s Market

Effective Hiring in a Buyer’s Market

Today, we’re in a hiring buyer’s market. There are more jobs than there are […]

Finding the Right Experts for your Business

Small business owners can’t know everything. As you are growing your business, you’re going […]

Lighten Your Load with The Inflection Point Hub

Business owners carry a tremendous amount of weight. It’s more than the volume of […]

Find Your Community

The right one can help you and your business thrive. Those of us who […]

Being the CEO

Business owners must step away from routine tasks to work on the business and […]

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