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The Bold and Courageous Leader Podcast Episode 14: 3 Benefits of Alignment in Mind, Body and Spirit

Alignment is a word that’s become part of my vocabulary recently. Thanks to some ergonomic issues in my office, I’ve been forced to focus on alignment and the body. It’s not just our physical body that requires alignment in our workplace. Our mind and spirit also benefit from alignment in our work. The definition of alignment is “the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other.”

When our God-given identity is not reflected in our work, we are out of alignment. We struggle to stay motivated, to find meaning in the work we are doing on a daily basis. We’re mentally, emotionally and spiritually all hunched over, in a defensive position. We feel frustrated and stuck. We don’t have proper positioning. Our parts are not in a state of adjustment in relation to each other.

The Bold and Courageous Leader Podcast Episode 13: An Interview with Liana George

Liana George is a Professional Organizer and the owner of By George Organizing Solutions. She works one on one with clients to help them bring order, peace and balance to their homes and lives. Liana is also a writer, teacher and speaker on a variety of organizing topics.

Liana tells us everyone can be organized. It doesn’t look the same for everybody. Just do it your way.

The Bold and Courageous Leader Podcast Episode 12: Mindset

Mindset- What is it?

Mindset is your beliefs about yourself and your basic qualities – your intelligence, talents and personality.  Carol Dweck, a psychologist, and research on achievement and success has found that your mindset, your beliefs about your basic qualities, make all the difference in your life.

The Bold and Courageous Leader Podcast Episode 11: How is your WHY communicated to the World?

How is your WHY communicated to the world?

Start with Why, written by Simon Sinek looks at success as the answer to a series of questions he calls “The Golden Circle”.

The Bold and Courageous Leader Podcast Episode 10: An Interview with Crystal Balas

Crystal Balas is a Christian Life & Leadership Coach, Personal Trainer and Exercise Instructor. She focuses on healthy lifestyles, specializing in female baby boomers who need to practice self-care, time management, and work/life balance. They are rejuvenating their identity and life as they transition into the second half of life.

The Bold and Courageous Leader Podcast Episode 9: Fear….Failure….and Getting Unstuck

Often fear of failure leads to being stuck in our current state. Our perspective on failure is clearly related to whether we move into new opportunities in our life or remain stuck in situations where we are frustrated with our circumstances. In this podcast, Andee and Rhonda explore the brain process of moving from stuck to higher levels of competence, as well as how our perspective on failure impacts our ability to get unstuck.

The Bold and Courageous Leader Podcast Episode 8: The JoHari Window

The JoHari Window is a self-awareness tool. Using it gives me a clearer picture of who I am, how I am viewed by others and my impact on those around me. This tool focuses on what is known and unknown by self and by others. The Johari window has been around for 60 years! It was created by two psychologists, Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1955. It’s a helpful tool for personal growth as well as for team development.

The Bold and Courageous Leader Podcast Episode 7: Fran LaMattina – EQ and Effectiveness as a Leader

Fran LaMattina, consultive coach, Master Certified Coach and owner of Strategies for Greatness, joins us for a fast-paced interview about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the difference it can make in your leadership. She provides us with an understanding of what EQ is and how it adds to our ability to make a difference in our work and personal life.

The Bold and Courageous Leader Podcast Episode 6: Leading From Your Strengths; Becoming Your Best Through Self-Awareness

Suzanne Bandy shares her experience of understanding and developing her strengths. This understanding led to a new position that allows her to use her strengths and help others gain awareness and use of their strengths. She now describes herself as a Bold & Courageous Leader, because she understands her strengths as strengths, not as weaknesses. She can see her contribution through her strengths.

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