Agility, Brain Science, and Margin

Agility, brain

Agility, the capability of rapidly and efficiently adapting to changes, is at the intersection of the Market – what customers need that we provide, the Work – providing it to them, and the Worker – that’s us. In today’s marketplace, we’re bound for obsolescence if we’re not agile and moving constantly to that intersection of Market, Work and Workers.

Janine says an old dog can learn new tricks, but you have to work WITH the brain, not against it. First, recognize that the emotional brain works much faster than the logical brain and tap that for learning. Emotions don’t have to run wild; just recognize them to register the learning involved. Learning involves letting go of old knowledge in order to let new learning happen. That involves risk – which can register as either a positive or negative emotion, depending on your personality and life experience. Recognize this and you’ll be much better able to move through the process of change.

The brain deals with change through synapses and plasticity. Synapses are the nerve connections that fire when your brain is working. When a brain scan is done, synapses that are brighter and tighter indicate there is more learning in that area. Plasticity is the ability of the brain to let go of old learning (connections) to make the new connections that allow learning to stick. When you let go of the old synapses to allow new synapses to be built, that’s learning! Release of the old while building the new = learning! Out of this release of the old to build the new, we get agility.

In today’s marketplace, that process of focus and repetition of new learning while letting go of old learning allows us to stay in that constantly moving intersection of Market, Work and Workers. As I’ve pondered this new learning, I realized that learning new things requires margin in my life. Without Margin, defined as space to wonder and process, it’s difficult to let go of old learning and build new learning, that agility to stay in the intersection of Market, Work and Workers. Margin is often difficult to find, but critical to remaining agile.

How do you find the Margin to remain agile? How could finding the margin to remain agile help you hone your personal brand for business success?

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