Finding Your Space to Thrive

Finding your space to thrive

Identifying Your Personal Brand is critical to finding your space to thrive. It’s finding your sweet spot, being in the zone, getting into the flow, doing your genius work.

All these expressions indicate that one has found the place where they thrive. Your time is spent on productive actions that are meaningful to you. (Notice I didn’t use the word work.)

Within all of us is a desire to make a difference, to connect who we are to something that has deep meaning for us specifically. Opportunities within your thriving space come to you as you identify and develop Your Personal Brand.

How does one go about finding that space to thrive? Adult development research reveals that self development and growth doesn’t happen in isolation. According to John Elias and Saran Merriam’s research, the best way to enable growth in adults is in groups.

These groups provide a cooperative, supportive environment where each member feels a part of the group, rather than alone. In a group, one develops trusting relationships, providing a place to bounce ideas off of others and shape ideas into finely honed concepts against which to work. In a group, it’s much easier to re-frame an issue and then find a solution that works.

How does that apply to identifying Your Personal Brand and the space where you thrive?

There’s a group designed as a cooperative, supportive environment to bounce ideas off others and shape ideas into finely honed concepts.  It’s the place to find your sweet spot, identify your genius work and develop Your Personal Brand. It’s the workshop series Your Personal Brand – Uncover Your Unique Value Proposition and it starts next week.

Join me on four Wednesday mornings during September and October to get intentional about Your Personal Brand.  At the end of this series, you will know the space where you thrive and have a plan to get into it.

Key Deliverables

  • Personal Brand Identification and Development
  • Clarity in decision making, leveraging transferable skills to develop the best target market for your unique value proposition.
  • Consistent brand message to use across all communication platforms: social media, resume, business card, brochures.

This series will be held at Panera Bread, Westerville, OH Maxtown location from 10:00am to 11:30am on Wednesdays, September 7 and 21 and October 5 and 19.

Share this with a friend!  Invite them into the group so they can be part of our cooperative, supportive environment, too!

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