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ROE (Return on Energy):
Your Secret Ingredient for Greater ROI

Doing work that lights you up is easier than work that feels hard, unnatural, or clunky. Knowing what we excel at and what we are weaker in is not a failure -- that kind of honesty can be the make-or-break information that we use to find our best work as leaders.

As financial professionals, we understand the return of a tangible investment. But what about investments that are not tangible -- emotional, leadership, energy investment? Communication skills, interaction skills, culture building skills?

Soft skills are harder to track, but just as valuable to the success and profitability of your company.

How can we know if the return on our energy (ROE, for short) is directly impacting our return on investment (ROI, that we know and love)? We take a look inside ourselves, and we look to the success of our people. This ROE (Return on Energy) is the secret ingredient in accomplishing your most important work. Reaching your professional goals while managing your personal life is a juggling act -- weighing what is needed in the moment and balancing the pull of work, family and self.

This workshop will address the juggling act to accomplish your goals by managing your energy to attain more career impact and life fulfillment.

In this workshop, you'll lean into your Return on Energy to accomplish your most important work. 

This workshop can be catered to the needs of your organization. Depending on the length of Rhonda’s engagement, deliverables may include up to all of the following. You will:

  • Identify your personal energizers and drains
  • Learn strategies to address tasks that drain you 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your own ROE to increase your ROI 
  • Understand how your ROE builds culture and boosts profitability 
  • Identify a specific step you can take in the next 72 hours to increase your ROE

(Options: breakout session, half-day workshop, or full-day workshop)

Breakout Sessions

Your Voice Matters:
Own It And Change The World

We all use our voices to impact change, but are you using your voice to step up in leadership and make a real difference in the world? Whether you think so or not, you have a unique story and perspective to share. Your life, and the experiences that have shaped you, make you uniquely equipped to share a message in a way that only can. 

But it takes confidence to stay in this game longterm. It takes courage to know that your voice is making a true impact. It takes bravery to go outside your comfort zone and have the determination to speak up. 

I truly believe there are people who need to hear messages from YOUR voice, in the way that only you can present them. It’s time to own your story and use it to lead well.

How do you communicate your message so you can be heard above the noise? 

What is YOUR secret sauce for getting your message across? 

How do you leverage your influence?


  • Understand the importance of projecting your voice in your signature way.
  • Learn strategies to use your voice for powerful impact.

At the Core: Activate For Impact

At your core lie your strength and values. These strengths and values motivate you to do work that matters, in the place where you make the biggest impact in the world. It’s the place that you shine because of your passion and drive. Focusing on the what, the why and the how of Activating Your Core allows you to bring your best to benefit your company and your life!


  • WHAT - match your work and your life to your strengths and values.
  • WHY - shared values and goals allow us to make a bigger impact with less struggle.
  • HOW - Identify the process to get there.

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