Podcast 22: Being God’s Masterpiece

podcast 22

Masterpiece Work Defined

“The Bible does not say you are God's appliance; it says you are His masterpiece. Appliances get mass produced. Masterpieces get handcrafted.” John Ortberg.

Today we're going to talk about being God's masterpiece. Specifically how our work is masterpiece work because we are God's masterpiece.

In the Deeper Journey, Robert Mulholland says, “Union with God results in our being a person through whom God's presence touches the world with forgiving cleansing, healing, liberating and transforming grace.” That is the privilege we have in our masterpiece work. Whether we are the CEO, the accountant, the mechanic, the pastor or the teacher – or any other job title, for that matter – in our masterpiece work, we have the privilege of connecting the world to God's presence by being who He created us, living out our true identity.

We need to understand this, to internalize this truth. It allows us to find our masterpiece work, the place where our life has deep meaning. Instead of being a cog in the wheel, we're stepping into our unique role as a child of the King, doing work He created specifically for each of us in the beginning.

What is Masterpiece Work?

Masterpiece work is the work God created for each of us long ago. We come to understand it as we are transformed, as we are created anew by growing deeper in our faith. When we grow deeper in our faith, moving from a transactional faith to a transformational faith, we see the world differently, including our role in the world of work. Our marketplace perspective shifts.

Where did this concept come from?

It stems from Ephesians 2:10.

“We are God's masterpiece, created anew in Christ Jesus for the work he created for us long ago.”

Genius Work vs. Masterpiece Work

Genius work is work that you are best at. Its work that gives you satisfaction, uses your strengths, and provides good outcomes. It comes from inside you.

Masterpiece work is what you were created for. There was a creator who knit you together with specific skills, strengths and gifts. The way you are wired is not a fluke, but an intentional design by the God who loves you individually.

The difference between genius work and masterpiece work is the recognition of God’s role in creating you for this work.

4 Components to Masterpiece Work

  1. It fits your strengths, gifts and passions.
  2. It is fulfilling.
  3. It is an extension of relationship with Jesus.
  4. You can do masterpiece work in any setting.

What’s the path to Masterpiece Work?

  1. Journey inward, where we experience the Heart of God. Here we learn how much we are loved and the fact that we are created for relationship with God.
  2. We are formed in the image of Christ.
  3. Christ shapes us for the masterpiece work for which we were created. He reveals in us those things that relate to our masterpiece work so we can connect to it.
    • Christ’s image is reflected into the world in the work we do.
    • More space – we experience more space to live out our masterpiece work as we understand the meaning in our work.
    • More safety – we have no fear as we live fully into the masterpiece work we’ve been created to do.
      More freedom – when we’re in that masterpiece work zone, we are free to express our true identity. There are no constraints holding us back from fully engaging in our work.

Masterpiece work looks different for every person

  1. The work you've done in the past, seen through different eyes.
  2. A new path that takes what you've learned in the past and uses it in new ways.
  3. It may be work that springs from something you've done as a hobby or a new perspective on what you've experienced as a volunteer or a patient.


The Deeper Journey, by Robert Mulholland Jr.

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