Podcast 6: Leading From Strengths; Becoming Your Best

podcast 6

Suzanne Bandy shares her experience of understanding and developing her strengths. This understanding led to a new position that allows her to use her strengths and help others gain awareness and use of their strengths. She now describes herself as a Bold & Courageous Leader, because she understands her strengths as strengths, not as weaknesses. She can see her contribution through her strengths.

Highlights of the podcast include:

• When you understand your strengths, you can step out and fully embrace who you are and not apologize for it.

• To be Bold and Courageous is to get past fear….past the fear of not being what someone else wanted or expected you to be. Rather you’re living out of your strengths, the masterpiece work God created for you.

• To call forth and honor the strengths of all on the team is the role of the leader.

• Taking on a role that is not in your strengths withholds opportunity for someone else to contribute their masterpiece work to the team and the world.

• As leaders, we need to help others understand they will make their biggest contributions in their strengths. Our role is to give them the freedom to find that place.

Resources mentioned in today’s podcast:

Strengths Based Leadership, by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie

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