Your Team Isn’t Always On Your Payroll

Your Team Isn’t Always On Your Payroll-2

Many of the resources you utilize for business success aren’t on your payroll, but they’re on your team. They are integral to your business success. Utilize the best resources you can find and think outside of traditional definitions of team members to gain the most value from team possibilities.

Your employees are critical members of your team. How have you shared your vision with them? Do you have means and methods in place to tap their strengths and abilities most effectively to grow the company and fulfill the vision? Your employees are a highly valuable resource; utilize them well.

How do you share your vision with your professional resources – your lawyer, accountant, banker and coach? Tap their wisdom and strengths for the benefit of your business. Think of consultants, contractors and free lancers as project-based team members. They, too, can be an important part of the success of your business. Tapping their expertise to provide the best services possible makes your team as effective and productive as possible. Building relationships with contractors and free-lancers extends your team on an as-needed basis, helping you manage cash flow and giving you a bigger staff to make your vision reality when you need it as you grow.

All of us want to connect to others and have our contributions recognized and appreciated. As a leader, considering all who contribute to the success of your business as members of your team can reap benefits for both you and them over time. Treating your employees, professional resources and consultants/contractors and freelancers as part your team builds loyalty and commitment to your vision becoming reality. Isn’t that the goal we’re shooting to attain?

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