Alignment Leads to Impact

Alignment to impact

Impact is the desired result for high achievers. As leaders, we want to make things happen, influence the outcome and make a difference. We are known for making things happen. As busy high achievers, we most certainly get things done, but are they the right things? Are we busy, but often not accomplishing the things that only we can do?

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In the past, I’ve found myself busy doing many things, but not accomplishing the key tasks that must get done to move things forward. I’ve struggled to determine the key tasks that must get done. What priority needs to be first to achieve success?

Align Your Actions with Priorities

Alignment is so important. When our actions are aligned with our highest priorities, we make a much bigger impact. I’ve been in the place where everything is important. My friend, Teresa McCloy, uses this tagline in her emails: “Stop being Productive. Do what Matters!” Thanks to her, I’ve learned that I need to do what matters, not just what’s next on my never-ending to do list.

To make the impact you desire, you need to be aligned physically, mentally and spiritually with the results you are seeking. That may be the place where you live or work, how you think about your work, or your perspective on God’s role in your work.

Are You Growing in the Right Soil?

Jesus’s parable of the sower and the seed teaches us to be aligned with the place where we can make the biggest impact. He talked about the seed falling on four different kinds of “soil”.

  • The path, where the seed was eaten by birds.
  • The rocky ground, where the seed sprouted, but died from lack of a root.
  • In the thorns, where the seed was choked out by the weeds that grew up around it.
  • The good soil, where the seed took root and produced a crop; thirty, sixty or one hundred-fold.

To make the impact we desire, we must be aligned with the good soil in our body, mind and spirit. If any of these areas are out of alignment with our core identity, we can’t flourish.

Getting Stuck

When we get stuck in a place where the work we’re doing doesn’t align with flourishing, we need to check our alignment.

  • Is it the soil no longer productive in the place you work?
  • Do you need to change your mindset in approaching your work?
  • Is God calling you to a new level of understanding of the work you are called to do in this season?

Take Action for Impact

What action do you need to take to make the impact you desire? Are your priorities aligned with your Masterpiece Work or have the requests of others crowded out the important work that leads to flourishing? Others may or may not know what God is calling you to do, so their priorities aren’t necessarily aligned with your Masterpiece Work. This will choke out your ability to focus on the work God has for you. It’s just like the seed that falls into the thorns and gets choked out by the weeds that grow up around it.

Are your priorities aligned with your Masterpiece Work? Do they support flourishing in your life?

Join us for the Activate Your Masterpiece™ Workshop. Together, we’ll align our minds and spirits to be good soil where the seed of Masterpiece Work can take root, grow and produce a bumper crop in the work we are called and created to do.

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