Pull Away to Regain Focus

Pull Away to Regain Focus

One of the most surprising things we learned at the inaugural Activate Your Masterpiece™ Workshop was how important the location was. Northstar wasn’t my first choice. I’d tried to schedule the workshop closer into the city, but things didn’t work out. What I didn’t know at the time was how positive that change would be.

Those who attended the workshop LOVED our location. Even those who traveled from an hour away felt the drive was worth it. We’re at a golf club, we’re not out in the woods. The surroundings give us plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature. We’re in a room with great sweeping views of greenscapes through huge windows. The room is filled with light. You feel connected to creation in this beautiful space. Time in God’s creation has a way of clearing the clutter from our minds so we can reconnect and hear the Holy Spirit speak more clearly.

Pull Away to Peel Away

We intentionally chose a location where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and get away from all that demands your attention. The goal is to create an opportunity for you to intentionally pull away in order to peel away those things which impede the deeper connection you seek between work and faith. You'll leave the retreat refreshed, with a deeper understanding of God's desire and design for your life. You'll return to work with a new perspective, anchored in your identity in Christ.

Our Location

Northstar Golf Club provides a lovely location to enjoy nature while participating in activities designed to reconnect you to the Masterpiece Work God created for you.

Join us for the Activate Your Masterpiece™ Workshop to pull away in order to peel away those things which impede the deeper connection you seek between work and faith. You’ll be glad you did!

We’re getting close to the registration deadline. It’s this Thursday, September 14 at midnight EDT. If you’re like me, you’ve set this aside several times, thinking, “I’ll get to it later.” Later never comes. The time is NOW! Take action now to secure your seat and join us on Saturday, September 30 for Activate Your Masterpiece™!

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