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Curiosity and the Future of Your Business

As 2021 draws closer to an end, many business owners are reflecting on the […]

Executive Presence: How You Show Up and Why It Matters

Leading a company wasn’t modeled for most of us. We started our company to […]

Are You Standing in Broken Glass?

When you start a business, you’re often the sole employee. You’re wearing all the […]

Play, Innovation & Profitability

Humans are not machines, although they were treated as such for many years during the Industrial […]

Own Your Voice for Greater Success and Satisfaction

No matter our position, it often feels easier and safer to blend in rather than stand […]

Increase Your Profits Through Thought Leadership

Creating awareness of your business is a key role for you as a leader. […]

Delegate, Empower and Let Go to Grow Your Business 

Business owners and leaders must let go of the doing so they can accomplish […]

The Most Profitable Team is a Relactional™ Team

Do you tend to be a relationship-focused person or a task-focused person? Both are […]

Unlock Greater Profits Through Effective Communication

Communication is the foundation of everything we do as leaders. We communicate with all our […]

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