Finding Your Business Peer Community

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Build More than a Network

There’s no doubt professionals value connection. LinkedIn has seen great success as a social network for the business community, boasting more than 750 million members, including 65 million decision makers. We are created for more than just connection. All of us need to belong somewhere with other people. We are wired to connect with others that understand our experiences and struggles and reflect our values, as we do in neighborhoods, schools, churches and other communities. Those positive relationships are an integral component of thriving. 


Corner 4 Relationships

Dr. Henry Cloud, author of The Power of the Other, calls these Corner 4 relationships for their ability to not only build us up when we do well, but to give honest, constructive feedback when we fail. They provide a place where we can be fully honest with our self and the other so we can grow to our highest potential. We don’t have to hide our failure or fear reprisal if we aren’t perfect. In this relationship, we can trust our friend to be there for us, to have our back. 

Business owners often struggle to find that community. It’s lonely at the top. Business owners often struggle to find the right connections and support system for the weight of the responsibilities they carry. You may be working toward the same goal with everybody in your organization, but you’re also in charge of knowing where the business is going, to look broadly at what’s going on in and beyond your industry and anticipate changes. Most daunting of all, perhaps, is knowing that your team members rely on your organization for their livelihood.

Becoming part of a group with other business owners is valuable because it allows us to connect with others who understand and carry the same weight. Mastermind groups, specifically, consist of like-minded professionals committed to meeting regularly to grow together and support one another. We want to celebrate our wins, express our frustrations, and address our failures with others who’ve been there and relate to the life we’re leading. We want a mutually beneficial network to share resources, insights and experiences.

So how do you find the right mastermind as a business owner and leader? I have a few important tips from my personal experience as both a member and facilitator of these supportive communities.

  1. Define your goals and understand your needs. There’s an infinite number of masterminds out there. There are masterminds for people in different stages of their career, different industries and different parts of the country. They all have value, you just have to know your goals and what kind of community you need so you end up in the right one. When it comes to facilitated masterminds, look for those that require an application. The leaders of the mastermind will evaluate who is a good fit for the group and will match well together.
  2. Be realistic about your level of commitment. Find a mastermind that fits into your schedule so you can commit the appropriate amount of time and energy. Depending on your stage in life and in your business, you may only have the bandwidth to meet once a month or you may be looking for a group that meets more frequently and has an ongoing social component. Also consider whether you want to be a part of a long or short-term mastermind.
  3. Don’t be discouraged by one bad experience. If you've been involved with a mastermind and it didn’t go as well as you expected, that doesn't mean a mastermind is a bad thing. It could be that it just wasn’t the right match for you. Maybe the people or the set-up were not a good fit for you. Maybe it wasn’t the right timing for you. So many things can impact your experience. Be open to continuing the search for the right mastermind and it will pay off.

Introducing The Inflection Point Mastermind

An inflection point is a defining moment for a company that significantly changes its trajectory or progress. Understanding your role and greatest contribution as the leader of your company is critical to your company’s growth.  Implementing systems and processes to free up your time to work in your energizers will be a turning point for your company. Jeff Heyer-Jones, president of SparkEvolve, and I created the Inflection Point Mastermind because we recognize that our businesses dovetail well to provide a journey that develops stronger leaders and businesses and we understand the immense value in surrounding yourself with trusted advisors. We’re creating a community of business owners to share the experience of releasing the drudgery in their business and discovering the joy that’s possible when you lean into your energizers, the work that lights you up and creates the biggest impact for your customers and your bottom line.

If you’re a business owner looking for a community of collaboration and mutual learning, our Inflection Point Mastermind could be the right place for you to explore your own leadership, work through challenges and implement the necessary systems to reach your future goals. Learn more or register today!

Rhonda Peterson has been working with business executives and owners since 2010 to help them uncover and lean into their strengths and own their leadership roles. Through her executive coaching, leaders gain clarity and are equipped with the skills to build strong teams and grow profitability. Rhonda also uses her signature interactive approach to empower groups as a speaker and workshop facilitator. Participants leave with the knowledge and motivation to focus their energy, do their best work and have a greater impact in their organization and life. To ensure you don’t miss future articles and tips, sign up to have Rhonda’s monthly newsletter delivered directly to your inbox!

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