Know Where You Are Going

Know where going

Defining and sharing the vision of your organization is critical to your success. When you share your vision, it:

  • Provides focus
  • Sets priorities
  • Saves time and energy

Share your vision with your team

A leader without followers is just out for a walk. A leader without a team is going to be very exhausted….and not as effective as when they have a team working alongside them.

Recently I was leading a team meeting tasked with developing a team covenant for a larger group. We were thinking through how to get the larger group to buy into the covenant we wanted to develop.

One of the members of the team had a brilliant idea. She suggested sharing the need for a covenant with the larger group (250 people) and providing post it notes so members of the larger group could write what they felt the covenant needed to include. They would have 30 days to contribute their desires to the covenant process.

Providing a safe place for the vision to be shared and developed, involves and engages the entire group in the process and gives a sense of ownership. This leads to more positive outcomes as everyone has a chance to contribute to the outcome.

How can you include your team members in contributing to and growing your vision? When have you experienced sharing the vision and others growing the vision to an even higher level?

I’d love to hear your stories in the comments section, on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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