Planting Time is Coming!

Planting Time

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about timing. Planting seeds is about timing. My dad, the farmer, taught me that. There is most definitely a “window of opportunity” to plant seeds in order to gain the best harvest. If you plant too early, the seeds won’t germinate; if you plant too late, there’s not enough time for the crop to mature.

In my recent blog posts, I’ve talked about anticipation and preparation. Eventually you have to plant seeds in order to reap a harvest. You can anticipate and prepare all you want, but until you plant the crop, you will never get a harvest.

What kind of planting is going on in your life? Are you planting seeds for the kind of fruit you’re looking for? Do you know what kind of seeds you want to plant? Are you allowing others to plant seeds in your life that will compete with the harvest you want?

All of these questions are about leading yourself, taking responsibility for the results you get and the direction your life takes in both the short term and the long term. Planting seeds that match your strengths, your passions, and your values will result in a harvest of satisfaction, even joy. You’ll be more engaged in your work, your family, your community, your world.

These seeds are all available to you right now. They make up your personal brand, your reputation. The time is now to plant the seeds for the direction you want in your life.

Join me for a Saturday workshop series to get intentional about your personal brand, planting the seeds for where you want to go and how you want to get there. When you leverage Your Personal Brand, you can get to the harvest you want in your life.

Plant the seeds you want to get the life you choose!

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