Letting Go; Delegation to Empowerment

Letting go_ Delegation

Moving from Delegation to Empowerment is an intentional process. Expecting a new team member or employee to meet your expectations and requirements without a period of teaching, training and equipping them is a recipe for disaster.

This requires the leader to provide the needed information to team members, while also being aware of their own readiness to let go of part of the responsibility and control over HOW the goal is accomplished.

What’s the difference between delegating and empowering?

Delegating – telling another exactly what to do and how to do it, then expecting them to follow those directions to obtain the results specified.

Empowering – giving another a task to accomplish, defining expectations, and then giving them the responsibility and freedom to do what is asked of them in the best way they see fit.

In my experience, empowerment provides opportunity for more creativity and innovation because it uses the strengths of the entire team, not just the strengths of the leader. It is amazing the resources team members have within them!

Letting Go Is a Process

As a leader, are you ready to let go of the control that comes with being the sole source and resource for accomplishment of the goal?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine how much you’re ready to hand over to your team members:

  • Where is my team in their understanding of their responsibilities?
  • Have I taught, trained and equipped my team for the responsibility I am giving them?
  • Am I ready to empower my team?
  • Do I know what I want? Can I articulate the desired outcome?
  • Have I defined the outcome measurements for the goal we are working to achieve?

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