ROI of Empowerment

ROI of Empowerment

ROI, or return on investment is a measure used often in the business world. It helps business leaders determine where to spend their time and financial resources and which ideas to pursue. Empowerment has a high ROI, not only in improved ability to meet the goals of the organization, but in increased creativity and innovation.

Common sense says that including the contributions of all on the team in the development and execution of goal attainment means you have more opportunity to reach or even exceed the goal. As a leader, these are some results (ROI) you can expect from Empowerment:

  • Your employees will be more engaged as you leverage the strengths of all the members of your team. I’m defining the term team broadly here; employees, professionals, freelancers, contractors.
  • You are free to focus on what only you can do in the organization. When you empower your team members, they take their game up a level because they are being entrusted to contribute their best. This expression of confidence in their abilities encourages them to contribute at a higher level. In turn, you are free to do more of what you’re best at.
  • Each person contributes their best, their strengths to the desired outcomes, bringing creativity and better problem-solving to team goals.

Where have you seen empowerment of team members lead to higher ROI in your organization? Where can you see opportunities for higher ROI by empowering your team?

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