Letting Go

Letting go

Letting go can be a difficult step for a leader. This is your baby. You've worked long and hard to bring it to reality. But if you don't let it go, it will never become what you've dreamed it can be and maybe more.

How do you release your team members to help you make the vision reality?

The Critical Final Step

After you have taught, trained, and equipped your team, there's a critical final step in reaching your goals. You have to let go.

It's critical that you do this step, trusting the strengths and wisdom of your team. Give them the opportunity to use their strengths in service of the vision. It's time to let them fly!

My brother tells a story of driving a U-Haul truck in the mountains while moving his daughter to Tennessee. He couldn't get the truck moving fast enough down a hill to get back up the next one because there was a governor on the engine. He couldn't take advantage of the downhill so the uphill wasn't so difficult. The governor wouldn't let the engine “let go”.

Freedom to Fly

This is the experience of team members when they're not allowed the freedom to fly, to make their best contribution to the vision. They’re prohibited from moving into the rhythm to make their highest contribution.

Once you've taught, trained, and equipped them, trust your team members to contribute their highest and best to the vision. They're committed. Let go and work with them.

Letting go doesn’t mean you abdicate your responsibility for leading the team. It means you’re working with them, everyone in sync, working together toward the same goals. Each team member understands what they contribute and how it is important to achieving the vision of the organization.

Freedom for You, Too!

This is an opportunity to enjoy your freedom! Focus on your highest contribution as your team focuses on theirs. You finally have the freedom to accomplish those things only you can do for the organization. That means not only is your team working in their individual strengths, but you, also, can enjoy a strengths focused work life.

Enjoy the journey as together you make the vision reality. What would it look like for you to focus on your highest and best contribution to your business while team members took care of the things you’re not best at….but they are? How would your life be not only different, but better?

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