Developing Trust

Developing Trust (1)

Trust starts with you as the leader.

Steven M. R. Covey in The Speed of Trust says, “The number 1 job of any leader is to inspire trust. It’s to release the creativity and capacity of individuals to give their best and to create a high-trust environment in which they can effectively work with others.”

How do you create a trusting environment in your team?

As a leader, you set the tone for trust within the team.

How do you inspire trust? The answer seems simple; be credible & authentic. This is simple if you’ve never been burned by someone you found untrustworthy.

When you’ve been burned, being authentic can be difficult at times. However, as the leader setting the tone, you must overcome your hesitance and intentionally and wisely extend trust. Fortunately, trust is contagious. When given trust, most strive to live up to the trust given.

Trust begins with declaring your intent.

As you develop the trust capacity of your team, communicate fully. Share what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. This leads to alignment in your organization. Its part of the tone of credibility and authenticity you strive for. You and your team members will gain dividends from developing trust.

  • Increased trust; trust given leads to more trust.
  • Increased speed as team members work together more effectively and efficiently.

Where do you see trust exhibited in your team today? How can you build on that level of trust?

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