Setting Expectations

Setting Expectations

Reciprocal process

Setting expectations so that empowered team members can accomplish the goals of the organization is a reciprocal process. It requires a conversation, not a monologue. Both the leader and team members must come to the table with an open mind and no personal agenda. Often the best ideas come from unexpected places.

Leader Responsibilities

To achieve the stated goal, the leader must provide clear communication and a well-defined outcome of the goal set before the team. All stakeholders must have clear direction on the timeline, budget and all the resources possible to help facilitate the achievement of the goal. This includes how this goal fits within the vision of the organization.

Team Member Responsibilities

Team members need to contribute their strengths to the process, listening for where they can make the best contribution and sharing their knowledge with the team. This allows all team members to gain a deeper understanding of the goal and how it will be achieved.

Clear communication is important to provide clarity about all aspects of working toward the goal. When each team member shares their best, the entire team is empowered to do their best work, reaching the goals and building a deeper level of commitment to the team and the vision of the organization.

What is the best way you have found to set expectations for your team?

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