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Emotional Self-Awareness: Living Into Your Leadership Potential

Although most people think they are self-aware, few actually meet the criteria. A study […]

Finding the Right Business Community

Small business owners often find themselves with their nose to the grindstone, doing so […]

Want a Greater Impact? Increase Your Return On Energy.

Small business owners have more responsibilities and tasks coming at them than anyone can […]

3 Steps to Think Bigger

This week, Seth Godin posted: “Are you an imposter? The thing is, when we do big work, we all are. And we can choose to leave it behind.” He linked to this blog post where he states that we are all imposters!

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Today I’m testing that wisdom.

Over the past months, I’ve written about the Masterpiece Work process in many different ways. I have no doubt that I’ve written multiple thousands of words about it, just in 2018.

Expectation vs. Reality: I Want Clarity NOW!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been asking leaders this question: What held you back from moving into your Masterpiece Work? Their answers most often related to the desire to KNOW what was going to happen and exactly where they were going before they made the leap from their Zone of Competence or Zone of Excellence into their Masterpiece Work.

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