Podcast 3: Every Good Endeavor Book Review

podcast 3

Every Good Endeavor, Connecting Your Work to God's Work is a great read. This book thoroughly addresses the concept of work, a history of how the church has looked at work, as well as how the Bible and Jesus himself taught about work. It gives us a real perspective of work both from a historical perspective and currently. Timothy Keller and his co-author tell it like it is. There is no sugar coating here.

The book also gives us the opportunity to think differently about work, about its place in our lives, and how we can integrate our faith and our work in a way that doesn't make work an idol but makes work a place where we can live out our faith on a daily basis.

In our review, Andee and I discuss 5 points from the book- and we barely scratch the surface!

  1. God's original design for work: ordinary human work is not punishment, but a basic human need. God institutes a rhythm of work and rest.
  2. Work as the masks of God. God allows us to participate with Him in our provision.
  3. Dualism- Work is drudgery vs. work is a way of serving God through our contribution to the world. Culture's Question: Have you produced your widget today? God's Question: Are you being who I created you to be? Are you honoring the masterpiece that I have created in you?
  4. Passion is a double edged sword. When rooted in fear of failure, will generic frenetic activity, rather than positive contributions. This is called the “work under the work”.
  5. Reclaiming a Christian perspective of passion gives a new perspective on work that is rewarding and productive. This is the place of doing Masterpiece Work. The True passion that flows out of Christ in us = selflessness. It takes trust to rest in the rhythm God created of work and rest. That is a Bold & Courageous stance.

Our recommendation: Get it. read it. Find others to share it with. Integrate it into your life.

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