The Reward of Accomplishing a Goal

The Reward of Accomplishing

The end of the year is upon us. For some, the holiday decorations are looking stale – you may have even taken them down at this point.

Many take stock of the year at this time. 2017 has been a year of preparation for me. I’ve been looking back, as well as looking forward. I didn’t accomplish some of the things that I wanted to in 2017, but I have certainly built a foundation for 2018 to be a great year.

Seeing Accomplishments

A few weeks ago, during my productivity mastermind call, we were discussing what we’d accomplished in the past week. I was bemoaning the lack of progress I’d made on my main goal. However, as the leader pointed out to me, I had accomplished many other things that are key to achieving my goal in the future. The next week, when I reported, I realized I’d accomplished some tasks needed for my goals – even with two unexpected days out of the office. Stopping to recognize those accomplishments was a mindset shift into a new level of confidence that I will accomplish the goal I set. It might not be as soon as I’d hoped, but it will occur!

As we close out 2017, we are focusing on the final component of a flourishing life, Accomplishment and Achievement.

Stretching for the Reward

Using our ambition and strengths to reach goals or overcome obstacles provides a sense of accomplishment. Stretching beyond your comfort zone may produce anxiety in the moment, but the sense of accomplishment when you achieve a new skill or goal…or even just make an attempt at doing something new makes it worth it. Putting in the effort to achieve your goals gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction that you reached the goal, you accomplished the tasks necessary. Stretching yourself, pushing beyond old limits and taking reasonable risks is part of achieving your goals.

No Comparisons

It’s important to note that this element of flourishing is not about comparison or measuring yourself against the results of others. Rather, it is about attempting and achieving new levels of accomplishment, your own P.R. (Personal Record), to borrow a term from athletics.

Each of us has areas where we desire to achieve and experience a sense of accomplishment. It is important to savor the accomplishment of our goals in any endeavor we attempt. When we attain a goal or solve a problem, we experience increased confidence, motivation to try new things, and build resilience for those times when we aren’t as successful. The experience I shared from my productivity mastermind is a great example of this in real life.

Experiencing More Achievement/Accomplishment

Do you want more Achievement/Accomplishment in your life? Here are some questions to consider:

  • Where have you accomplished goals or solved problems in your life?
  • What types of achievement are important to you?
  • How can you attempt new actions that would lead to success as you define it into your life?
  • Who do you need to connect to that believes in your success? (Remember the Corner 4 leaders from last week’s post)


As 2017 comes to a close, I encourage you to find time to reflect on what you’ve achieved in the past year.

  • Where have you stretched beyond your comfort zone to accomplish your goals
  • Where have you found new opportunities you didn’t expect and jumped in full steam ahead?
  • What challenge have you taken that has provided unexpected results?

Share your 2017 accomplishments with me.

Can you believe it? My next post will be dated 2018! I look forward to walking into a prosperous New Year with you!

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