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Stages of Business: The Rungs on the Ladder to Success

Small business owners are better positioned for success when they understand the different stages […]

What’s Your Destination?

I heard this little story on Dan Miller’s 48 Days podcast on July 4. I’ve been carrying it around in my head, wanting to share it with you ever since. It’s a powerful lesson, so let’s explore it.

Whose Voice is in Your Head?

Zig Ziglar tells a story of winning a sales contest and taking the prize home to his wife – a country ham. She promptly cut the ends off the ham and puts it in a pan to cook it. He asked her why she was wasting that good ham. She told him that’s how her mom cooked her ham. So, he asked her to find out from her mom why she cut the ends off the ham.

The Reward of Accomplishing a Goal

The end of the year is upon us. For some, the holiday decorations are looking stale – you may have even taken them down at this point.

Many take stock of the year at this time. 2017 has been a year of preparation for me. I’ve been looking back, as well as looking forward. I didn’t accomplish some of the things that I wanted to in 2017, but I have certainly built a foundation for 2018 to be a great year.

You Can’t Read the Label from Inside the Bottle

Have you ever been in a dilemma and you couldn’t see the path forward? You were searching for clarity and it just wasn’t coming…. You had to make a decision without all the facts…. You had to set a boundary, but struggled to find the best solution for all involved. As a leader, the buck stops with you. Finding the path that provides the best solution can be challenging.

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