Have you heard about this trick, used by hunters to catch small monkeys? A banana is placed in a jar with a small opening. The monkey reaches into the jar, grabs the banana, and is caught by the hunters, because the monkey refuses to let go of the banana.

The monkey could easily escape by letting go of the banana, but he can’t let go of the prize.

The solution is so obvious to you and me, but impossible for the monkey to see. It costs the monkey his freedom and potentially his life.

We are often like this monkey in our work and relationships. We become stuck, because we can’t see that the prize we once cherished is now a banana keeping us trapped.

What is your banana?

  • Your role at work
  • Your position
  • Your expectations
  • Expectations you believe others have of you
  • Power
  • Status

What do you need to let go of?

  • A role that no longer fits
  • A relationship that has gone sour
  • A home that doesn’t work for your current life season
  • Expectations of someone you love

What keeps you stuck?

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Scarcity mindset – if I let go of this, there won’t be anything else.
  • Concern that you’ll disappoint someone when you no longer hold tight to this role, value or experience

What is it costing you to hold on to this banana? What would it take to let it go so you can be free to pursue something better? What would letting go make possible?

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