Are You Hiding in Plain Sight?

Are hiding plain sight

As I sat down to write this message, I decided my original plan was out the window. I was going to write about gratitude…. but everyone else is doing that! I don’t want to be like everyone else! Instead, I’m writing a story about an experience for which I’m grateful. In sharing it, I’ve discovered a lesson that applies to us!

My first-grade granddaughter, Emily, came home from school with an assignment last Monday. She was to decorate (disguise) the turkey on a sheet of paper so the farmer wouldn’t recognize it and prepare it for Thanksgiving dinner. I’d heard this assignment before. A friend’s son had disguised his turkey as Godzilla! (Pretty creative, don’t you think?)

Since Emily was at Nana’s house, we had access to some special fabrics for the disguise. We dug out some fabric she’d used for a special pillow that had flamingos all over it. We also found a blue sequined fabric that was used for her Elsa Halloween costume a few years ago. I wish I had a picture of the disguised turkey, but I never thought I’d be writing about this! You’ll just have to trust me that the flamingos on the turkey’s dress and the blue sequined scarf were part of an amazing disguise. The farmer will never suspect a turkey in this crazy costume!

No one would ever think that darling lady bird was meant to be the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner! No turkey here. Better look elsewhere for your turkey!

In reflecting on this fun, creative experience, I realized we often do the same thing.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Are there times when you disguise yourself so you won’t be seen? Are you hiding in plain sight? Do you hide your gifts behind a disguise? If you do, what are you missing out on? What is the world missing out on because you’re not sharing your gifts, your masterpiece work?

While I don’t want you to be the main course of Thanksgiving dinner, I do want you to share your masterpiece work with the world! We are all better off when we each contribute our best to the world.

What Would It Take to Remove Your Disguise?

Is there a place you’re hiding your best, your masterpiece work? What would it take to remove your disguise? I invite you to take a step to make that contribution. Find a place to test out sharing your masterpiece. That’s a great place to find some gratitude. Others will be very thankful that you’ve contributed your best for their benefit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m very grateful that you read my blog. The generosity of you allowing me into your inbox on a regular basis is an honor. It’s one way I share my masterpiece work with the world. Thank you for an opportunity to share my true self!

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