Sneak Peak for 2018!

Sneak Peek 2018

As we move into the holiday season, I want to give you a Sneak Peek at what’s coming for early 2018. I’m sure you’re planning the work you’ll be doing in the new year, and I’m no different. I’m excited for what is coming, as this has been my dream for quite some time.

Part of the Flock

While at the ocean last spring, I observed a flock of birds along the shore. They reminded me of a Mastermind group. They moved together down the shore, feeding and chattering to each other. Each one was pecking and hunting in their own space, while still being part of the flock. They were all doing their own thing, but clearly doing it together. How would you benefit from being part of a group like this?

The Mastermind Advantage

I’ve grown exponentially through membership in masterminds over the past few years. You may be wondering, what exactly is this mastermind experience I mention? It's part peer advisory board, part experiential learning, part roundtable and part small group.

Being in the right mastermind has spurred my creativity and my confidence, it has helped me take action, and build friendships with those who understand the leadership journey I am on. Many weren't in the same field or the same state or even the same country, but through taking the leadership journey together, we have accomplished so much more!

The Activate Your Masterpiece Mastermind

In January 2018, I’m launching a mastermind group for high achievers, the Activate Your Masterpiece Mastermind. We’ll use my 5R Process to move from Buried in Busyness to our Masterpiece Work.

The Activate Your Masterpiece Mastermind provides a community to explore the masterpiece work journey together.  We commit to support, encouragement and validation of each person’s experience of being created anew. Each person’s focus and outcomes will be self-identified. Together, we support each person’s goals and process.

This Is Your Invitation

If you’re interested in an invitation to this group, please join the waitlist here. You’ll be the first to know when we start taking applications. Each mastermind group will consist of 5-7 professionals, none in direct competition with each other. Placement will be done through an interview with Rhonda. Members are placed in the group where they can benefit and contribute at the highest level.

I’d love to have you join us for the inaugural Activate Your Masterpiece Mastermind! How will you grow by surrounding yourself with others stretching themselves in their Masterpiece Work?

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