Community: Necessity for Success


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb

Is your goal to go fast or go far? Personally, I want to go far. I’d like to go as fast as possible, but I’ve learned that fast can lead to false progress, leading me to places that I didn’t intend – or really want – to go.

Instead, I’ve learned that together gets me much further than going fast. I’ve learned that community is a necessity for success. I designed community into the Masterpiece Work Process because it’s a critical component of success.

We’re starting a new community in the Activate Your Masterpiece Mastermind the week of September 10. If you’re ready to join, click here to apply.

If you want to know more about how community contributes to success, read on!

Community provides multiple benefits:

  • Feedback – community gives you a place to test ideas before putting them out in the world. By thinking through them with your community, you can find the holes, bringing a better idea to the world than the original.
  • Motivation – having a group of people who believe in you when the going gets tough (and it will) provides the momentum to keep going. It’s easier to stay the course when you know others are going to ask how it’s going when you are together.
  • Wisdom – for every situation you encounter, there is probably someone in the group who has insight and experience addressing that problem. It is invaluable to tap this wealth of life experience so you don’t have to recreate the wheel on every challenge you encounter.

Community contains subgroups that support you in different ways:

  • Support – I have a community member that has become my go-to for computer/social media and livestreaming expertise. It would take me inordinate amounts of time to find the information I can access by just sending him a message.
  • Trusted advisors/mentors – While some of the people on your team are subject matter experts, others are wise sages who provide a sounding board for professional and personal challenges. Finding people you can trust to give you honest feedback is a pearl of great price.
  • Recreation and Relaxation – friends are fun! Having a community of people to kick back with is as important as finding the work connections you need. If you can find some of these people to relax with as well, that is a wonderful combination.

Community provides guardrails.

  • Going fast can lead to inadvisable paths. When going fast, it’s difficult to see around corners and further down the path. When going fast, you’re down the path before you know it.
  • Bumper Buddies provides guardrails on the journey. Ford Taylor developed the concept of Bumper Buddies, those who walk alongside you, supporting you on the journey. As Bumper Buddies, you support each other by speaking truth into each other’s lives. If you see the other getting a little off the path, you “bump” them back onto the center of the path. As a Bumper Buddy, you are a guardrail to help your friend stay in the center of their journey.

Community, intentional reflection and structured process are critical pillars of the Masterpiece Work journey. Each has a key role in getting unstuck and moving forward.

Join us for the Fall Activate Your Masterpiece Mastermind. You’ll find an intentional community for this season.

  • Cross-pollination of ideas.
  • Like-minded professionals
  • Safe space to explore
  • Diversity of experiences, thought, strengths and styles

Act now! Registration is open now for the Fall sessions. It closes September 1. We have two sessions this fall, Tuesdays at noon Eastern and Thursdays at 7:00 PM Eastern. The deadline to register is Saturday, September 1 at 10 PM eastern. Click here to apply.

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