What if you changed one thing? What would happen if you changed your belief that you need clarity before you act? What if instead you said, “I’m going to try action before clarity.”I’m not talking just any old action, but specific actions that can lead you toward clarity. What would happen if you changed this one assumption? Could it start the process of getting unstuck? Of becoming more of who you were created to be? Of making a bigger impact?I contend it will – and I have the stories to prove it.In our current mastermind group, we completed a Personal SWOT exercise a few weeks ago. Each person reported new insights that provided greater clarity. One member shared this, “I tell others to do this all the time, but I never took the time to do it myself.” Light bulb moment! She needed specific action before clarity.Recently, a CIO shared my LinkedIn article, What’s Your Banana. In her comments, she said she got unstuck by figuring out what she can control and focusing on those things, not the things she can’t control. She defined what is in her control and got clarity in the process.Earlier, you might have noticed that I said this doesn’t mean “any old action”, but specific actions that lead to clarity on the path to getting unstuck.Here are three specific actions that help you get unstuck:

  1. Reflect – this is different than just thinking. Thinking can lead you deeper into stuckness as you get int a vortex of negative what if’s. Reflecting, as I’m using it here, is using specific questions and processes to see both the positives and negatives of a situation. It uncovers options, rather that reinforcing ruts and making them deeper. It’s pondering, not ruminating.
  2. Find Support – sharing your reflection results with supportive, positive, realistic people provides feedback, encouragement and potential connections for next steps. When you share your ideas, they get fleshed out more fully. The pitfalls and potential are exposed to the light of day. This increases your clarity and leads to more action.
  3. Let Go – This action may be the most difficult. Your current stuck place was once your comfort zone. To gain clarity, you have to let go of beliefs or perspectives that no longer serve you. These beliefs are keeping you stuck. It’s difficult to let go of these beliefs until you have new insights and experiences to replace them. This is why reflecting intentionally and sharing your new insights with supportive positive people is so important.

As you gain clarity by reflecting, finding support, and letting go, you can move out of your stuckness and into the new opportunity you seek. I call that opportunity your Masterpiece Work.If you feel stuck, explore the process of getting unstuck with us in the Awaken Your Masterpiece webinar on August 23. Sign up below to receive notice when registration goes live. If you can’t make the webinar, register anyway and we’ll send you the replay.Looking forward to seeing you there!

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