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Business owners carry a tremendous amount of weight. It’s more than the volume of actual work they take on. They bear heavy responsibilities and worries that are unique to their role. Generally, the people in their life can’t relate because their struggles are not the same. 

It can all be overwhelming, and carrying that weight is simply not sustainable over time. The loneliness of being out on your own can strip you of the passion that drove you to start your business. It can destroy your business and have a ripple effect that wreaks havoc in other areas of your life. You can lighten your load and make room for your business to thrive, however, with the right community.

The Value of Community

Jeff Heyer-Jones, president of SparkEvolve, and I are building a peer advisory community of business owners to help release the shackles that often come with such heavy responsibilities. We understand that while business owners are trying to keep their business going amidst challenges, they also need to find ways to keep themselves going. If they are struggling, their business struggles too. The Inflection Point Hub is a safe place to unload with other people who understand, support each other and want to get back to the work that energizes them. The benefits of this community specifically address the issue of sustainability so business owners avoid burnout and grow alongside their business.

  • The Inflection Point Hub is made up of “Corner 4” people. These are people who are real with you and fully in your corner. This concept comes from Dr. Henry Cloud, author of The Power of the Other, and is further explained in a past blog of mine on finding your business peer community. Corner 4 relationships build us up and celebrate the good with us. They also give honest, constructive feedback when things aren’t good. We all fail at something along the way. Our Corner 4 people help us pick ourselves up, learn from those failures and move forward. Ultimately, they provide a place where we can be fully honest with our self and others so we can grow to our highest potential.
  • The Inflection Point Hub is a source for new insights and knowledge. Fellow business owners bring their expertise and experience to this community just as you do. The wisdom at your disposal is vast and immensely valuable. We’re all capable of going online and reading endless information on a topic. Some of it will be relevant and helpful, some of it will not. Even if you can decipher the good from the bad, it’s time consuming. Procuring experts to address each challenge is expensive and often unrealistic. Everybody benefits, however, in a peer group where others in the same position can share their experiences.
  • The Inflection Point Hub is a safe place to be real about your responsibilities. Being a business owner means making sure the business continues running and customers and employees are getting what they need. It’s a lot of responsibility to carry and you need an appropriate outlet for the stress that comes from those demands. Expressing concerns to a spouse, for example, is not ideal when your business is a key part of the family’s income. Those same concerns will be received much differently from a group of other business owners who understand your responsibilities but are not directly impacted.

Jeff and I can talk from experience about the power behind people working together, complimenting each other and bringing their own strengths to the table. When Jeff and I got together to prepare for the launch of the Inflection Point Hub, we had a hefty to-do list. Going at it alone would have been daunting. A great thing happened when we worked on it together, however. We were energized by each other and fired off what the other person was saying. Things started coming together so much more effectively and clearly because our expertise combined accelerated our progress. It took us a fraction of the time that it would have if we worked alone because there were so many places where one of us would've struggled that the other one had the answer. 

Likewise, Every member of the Inflection Point Hub has an area that is their strength, an expertise that they bring to the table. One way we take advantage of that is with coaching and consulting hot seats, where someone brings a challenge to the group and we think through it together. It's almost like you have your own board of directors with all those people speaking into the challenge that you have. They want your business to succeed for the sake of succeeding, rather than from a livelihood standpoint. Sustainability is built from these relationships and interactions.

Secure Your Spot Today

The Inflection Point Hub is a group of small, but mighty, businesses that intend to get bigger. Sustainability is critical to make that leap from where you are now to the next level. You’ll have the support to help you see the forest for the trees when you’re so far in that you can’t. You’ll have peers rallying by your side when you feel lonely and struggle to find joy in your work. Jeff and I are passionate about nurturing the community dynamic while also bringing our unique experience and skill set to the group. The Inflection Point Hub is about rekindling your passion for your business so you can keep it, and yourself, going strong. Learn more about what you'll get with your membership and secure your spot today.


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