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Whose Voice is in Your Head?

Zig Ziglar tells a story of winning a sales contest and taking the prize home to his wife – a country ham. She promptly cut the ends off the ham and puts it in a pan to cook it. He asked her why she was wasting that good ham. She told him that’s how her mom cooked her ham. So, he asked her to find out from her mom why she cut the ends off the ham.

Words Matter! Speak with Authority

“Words matter. Choose them wisely.” This advice was shared with me over and over by the pastor I worked with several years ago. He impressed upon me the importance of choosing my words carefully, as the meaning they conveyed shaped others response to me and the vision we were working toward.

Can You Hear Me Now?

During a recent webinar presentation, Own Your Voice, Change the World, someone posed a thought-provoking question. They asked how to make your voice heard in a male-dominated organization.

Are You Consistent?

A few days ago I had this interchange on Facebook Messenger with an old friend who’d recently joined Facebook:

Friend: “Hi Rhonda. Do you ever look at other ways of making money?”

Me: That is a wide-open question. What are you thinking? And at this point, I’m pretty happy where I am. I’m doing what I feel God has created and called me to do. But I’m curious.

Where Do You Need to Stand Out?

There are times when it becomes obvious you must speak. The message comes from many different directions and it becomes blatantly obvious that it’s time. I’ve had that experience in several different areas recently. It’s time to share the message I’ve been given. I know I’m not alone.

Your Voice Counts!

Last week I wrote about Blending In vs. Standing Out. That email and Facebook post got more response than anything I’ve ever written. Clearly it struck a chord with many people. I heard from old high school friends, community members, church friends, and professional friends. To all who responded in any way, Thank You!

You Can’t Read the Label from Inside the Bottle

Have you ever been in a dilemma and you couldn’t see the path forward? You were searching for clarity and it just wasn’t coming…. You had to make a decision without all the facts…. You had to set a boundary, but struggled to find the best solution for all involved. As a leader, the buck stops with you. Finding the path that provides the best solution can be challenging.

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