You Can’t Read the Label from Inside the Bottle

You Can’t Read the Label from Inside the Bottle

Have you ever been in a dilemma and you couldn’t see the path forward? You were searching for clarity and it just wasn’t coming…. You had to make a decision without all the facts…. You had to set a boundary, but struggled to find the best solution for all involved. As a leader, the buck stops with you. Finding the path that provides the best solution can be challenging.

Recently, I coached a leader as he clarified the needed steps to address a deepening conflict. The conflict needed to be addressed, but had to be handled in a way that brought closure and healing, rather than inflaming the situation further. There was already hurt and pain. How did the leader address the issues while still leading forward into the vision set for the organization?

Through our conversation, he was able to define his internal struggle and overcome it so he could lead effectively. He found words and compassion for those who were struggling. I listened as his voice softened and leveled out when he talked about how to approach those involved. He identified the boundaries he needed to keep and the method of approaching each person. At the end of our call, he was equipped and confident to move forward.

Sometimes we can use another set of ears to gain more clarity. We need a sounding board who doesn’t have a stake in the outcome. We need to hear the words that are jumbled in our brain tumble out into a safe place so we can think more clearly.

As your Masterpiece Catalyst, you can tap my trained eyes and ears to help you gain clarity around that one thing you know you need to define, figure out, take action on….but you can’t seem to get there. It could be a marketing dilemma, a fork in the road where you need to figure out your focus or an interpersonal dilemma where you just need someone with distance from the situation.

That’s the purpose of a strategy session with me. You’ll get a one-hour focused session with me where we spend the entire time focused on what you want to accomplish. Your hour, your time, your clarity.

Sometimes it takes outside eyes to help you see where you are. I love this saying:

“You can’t read the label from inside the bottle.”

Is there a place in your business where you need someone to help you read the bottle? Do you need clarity now? Do you know someone who would benefit from this focused time with a trained coach? Share this email with them and suggest they reach out. It’s an investment in moving forward effectively.

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