Unwrapping the Gift: Part 2

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You are a genius! Yes……YOU! It might not feel like it right this moment, but you are a genius at something.

The question is, are you using your genius?

In The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks talks about the 4 Zones we function within. Most leaders function within the highest two: the Zone of Excellence and the Zone of Genius.

Zone of Excellence

In your Zone of Excellence, you shine at the work you are doing. Others see your strengths and aptitudes and rely on you in these areas. You produce great results. Others count on you to provide what they need. However, working in your Zone of Excellence is not fulfilling. It doesn’t motivate you. You’re in it for the paycheck. You’re comfortable, but not fulfilled.

Zone of Genius

There is more to life! And that’s found in your Zone of Genius. Your Zone of Genius allows you to make a great contribution, to work with excellence, to be rewarded for your work, AND to find satisfaction and fulfillment in your work.

This is where you make your greatest impact and find your highest fulfillment. Hendricks describes the Zone of Genius as “the set of activities you are uniquely suited to do. They draw upon your special gifts and strengths.” This sounds quite similar to the Superpower from last week, doesn’t it?

Finding Fulfillment in Your Zone of Genius

THIS is why you’re a genius. Whether you are a member of MENSA or not, you have special gifts and strengths in some area that the world needs.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and into your Zone of Genius means serving the world and experiencing fulfillment. It can also mean enjoying life more.

A wise woman shared with me that when she moved from her Zone of Excellence (teaching) to her Zone of Genius (writing), her daughter remarked to her, “Mommy, I’m glad you changed jobs. You’re not grumpy anymore.”

Living in your Zone of Excellence may pay the bills, but your quality of life is lacking the fullness you can possess. Moving into your Zone of Genius takes courage, but the rewards are worth the risk.

Masterpiece Work

Masterpiece Work is how I describe your Zone of Genius.It’s the work you were created and called to do. This is where the gifts God put in you can best be used for the benefit of others and your fulfillment.

In our Masterpiece space, the work we do takes on a whole new meaning. It’s not just to provide for our physical needs through a paycheck, but to make a difference in the world by contributing at the highest level possible. It means being used by God to make an impact in the world, while providing fulfillment for you.

Outside Your Comfort Zone

Stepping into your Zone of Genius is a challenging experience.You are excited about the possibilities, but you’re also stepping into unfamiliar territory. Your Zone of Genius is outside your comfort zone. (Have you noticed that the good stuff usually is?) It means moving beyond what’s comfortable, taking risks and shaking up your life.

What motivates you to make that shift? What would it look like to step into your Zone of Genius?

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