It can seem like an endless journey. Sometimes you feel the search isn’t worth it and you might as well accept that this is all there is. But there is this spark that propels you forward, that whispers to you that there is more to the story than just what we see on the surface. 

But there’s more, and when you find that combination of knowledge, talent, strength, and passion that sets you apart, you can flourish at ever-higher levels. Finding your superpower and applying it in your own way to your area of expertise unlocks your highest potential. You contribute at a higher level, make a bigger impact, and experience deeper fulfillment. 

What is a superpower?  

Your superpower is your dominant strength. It’s the combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and passion that sets you apart. The combination of skill and knowledge in an area overlaid with expertise applied in your unique way sets you apart from others. Recognizing and capitalizing on your superpower brings one-of-a-kind opportunities your way. You can serve customers and clients more effectively. You have more potential for impact. 

How Do I Find My Superpower? 

Derrick Lavasseur, author of The Undercover Edge: Find Your Hidden Strengths, Learn to Adapt, and Build the Confidence to Win Life’s Game, suggests these questions to uncover your Superpower: 

  • What feels effortless? When are you at your peak, working in “flow”? This doesn’t mean it’s not hard work, but that you enjoy the work so much you lose track of time. 
  • How do you amaze others? While your superpower is probably second nature to you (see question 1), others often recognize your unique ability and seek you out for it. (Caveat – beware stepping into other’s needs, rather than your true Superpower).
  • What makes you willing to sacrifice? Each of us has something in life we are willing to struggle to accomplish. What is this for you?
  • When are you fearless? Where are you willing to take measured risks and step outside your comfort zone?
  • What can you see more clearly than others? Each of us has a sweet spot, a unique perspective, that is our natural strength. Because this is so natural for us, we assume others can see as we see. This can lead to frustration. However, when we realize what makes us stand out, we start to understand how we make our biggest impact in the world. 

The challenge in answering these questions is it’s difficult to see them yourself. “It’s hard to read the label from inside the ketchup bottle,” is a mantra that applies here. It refers to this type of introspective process. A coach and a community are extremely valuable in this process.  They help you see the truth that you’re too close to see. 

In a safe, trusting relationship, you can explore your superpower and receive feedback on what you see more clearly than others. It’s worth the time spent on introspection.

The Payoff 

Knowing your Superpower provides ROE in three areas. (ROE = Return On Effort) 

  1. Focus – you know where to spend your time to get the highest ROE.
  2. Clarity – the ability to articulate your vision in a compelling way draws others to you who want to join the vision.
  3. Boundaries – it’s easy to get off track, following a path that’s really a rabbit trail. When you know where you see most clearly, where you make the biggest impact, you focus on that and bring others around you to join the vision with their superpower. 

Finding your Superpower and leaning into it is unwrapping a gift that will serve you well throughout your life. Identifying your Superpower unlocks your Masterpiece Work™. When you step into and own your Superpower, you will truly be a tree planted by the river, producing fruit in due season both professionally and personally. 

What do you think your Superpower might be? 


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