Clarity! Focus! Momentum! Impact!


Recently, a mastermind member said: “I know I need to do this. I tell others to do it all the time. But I didn’t do it for myself!” 

Making time, clearing your calendar to do the work of developing clarity can be a struggle. It’s easier to just keep moving, taking action, doing…. SOMETHING! 

There’s a problem with this kind of movement. It may be taking you AWAY from the life, the outcomes, the impact you desire. 

Without clarity, you can find yourself stuck in the Zone of Excellence for years, doing work that is unfulfilling and doesn’t make the impact of which you’re capable. 

The person mentioned above defined herself as stuck. The path others carved out for her didn’t lead to the vision she wanted for her life. Without clarity on where she wanted to go and WHY she needed to reach her vision, she ended up at a destination she didn’t choose. It’ didn’t match her values or the impact she wanted to have in the world. 

Clarity provides the momentum and motivation to change your direction, create a compelling vision, move toward goals that align with your vision, and eventually accomplish your vision.  

Gaining clarity is a process. It requires intentional action. As you gain clarity, you possess more momentum toward achieving your goals.  

How Do You Gain Clarity? 

There are many tools and techniques to move toward clarity. 

Two critical question to start with are: 

  1. What do I want?
  2. Why is this important to me? 

Here are two tools for intentional action: 

Be/Do/Have is a framework for asking, “What do I want?” I find it valuable to do this exercise annually. It helps me focus my energies on accomplishing the most important goals for me in a given season. 

Personal SWOT provides clarity on your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Completing this opens your eyes to the potential you may not see as you go about your daily life. It also helps you see potential threats that could sink you if you don’t address them. Here is a video exercise that walks you through the process of a Personal SWOT. 

Clarity leads to focus. Focus leads to momentum. Momentum leads to impact. The way we accomplish our Masterpiece work is through making an impact.  

Where do you need clarity? What would clarity make possible? 


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