Vision: Critical to Masterpiece Work™

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Just as clear vision is important to navigating our physical surroundings, clarity of vision is critical in stepping into our Masterpiece Work. Without a vision of what you want your life to be, you can end up in places and situations far afield from your original intention. This is why clarity of vision is important.

Can you relate to this story?

A friend of mine was struggling with her high-level position. She knew something needed to change, as she felt restless and unmotivated. She felt the need to contribute in a different way, make an impact through work aligned with her values. She started down the path of exploring her options, but was side-tracked by a serious health issue.

When she returned to full force after her health issue, she was offered a great opportunity on a very prestigious team. She took the role and was doing great work, BUT within a few months, she was again restless and unmotivated. She was still working for a company with whom she didn’t share values or priorities.

After a few months in her new role, she realized she was stuck. Her current thought processes had led her right back into the old pattern she wanted to escape.

My friend needed clarity of vision to propel her into the place she wanted to go – but that she couldn’t name yet.

Vision is the desired place we want to go, what we want to become, how we want to show up in the world.

When we gain the clarity to articulate our vision, we possess the key to making our biggest impact and finding deeper fulfillment. This clarity comes through a process of reflection and self-awareness. Exploring values, experiences, dreams, and motivations provides the WHY and HOW to articulate our vision.

Once you articulate your vision, as Steve Jobs says, the vision pulls you into working on those things you care about. You’re no longer stuck, but motivated to live a flourishing life. You can develop a plan and a path to move from your current state to the vision you see. You identify milestones and steps to move forward, rather than remaining stuck in the status quo.

You’re moving into your Masterpiece Work™, the place where you make the biggest impact and find the most fulfillment in this season of your life.

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