7 Benefits of Community

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“The function of a community is not to fix your weaknesses but to amplify everybody’s strengths” Simon Sinek 

Bringing your best to your work, your life, and your family is a journey. It requires constant openness to the world around you. In today’s tech-driven, information-saturated workplace, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all that’s coming at you and expected of you. 

We are hard-wired for connection with other people, some of us for deep connection to a few people and others for a large collection of friends, business associates, and acquaintances. Regardless of the kind of community you prefer, being a member of a community helps you grow professionally and personally. 

Investing yourself in a community amplifies strengths in these 7 ways: 

  1. Feedback – Your community gives you a place to test ideas before putting them out in the world. By thinking through them with your community, you discover the holes, bringing a better idea to the world. 
  2. Motivation – Having a group of people who believe in your when the going gets rough (and it will) provides momentum to keep going. It’s easier to keep going when you know others are going to ask how it’s going when you are together. 
  3. Wisdom – For every situation you encounter, there is probably someone who has insight and experience addressing that problem. It is invaluable to tap this wealth of life experience. Why recreate the wheel? 
  4. Safety – Sharing a failure or a difficult situation is often necessary so you can work through it. Having a place where you can share your struggles and disappointments is critical to growing from the situation, rather than shutting down or reacting in frustration. 
  5. Support – Members of your community will have expertise you don’t possess.  Tapping their expertise by reaching out to them saves time and frustration. Just be sure that you don’t overdo it and take advantage of their good will. Tap their expertise when you need paid expertise, also. 
  6. Trusted advisors/mentors – Some members of your community are subject matter experts, others are wise sages who provide a sounding board for professional and personal challenges. Finding people you can trust to give you honest feedback is a pearl of great price. 
  7. Fun – Having a community of people to kick back with is as important as finding the work connections you need. If you find members of your community that are both professional and personal friends, that is a wonderful combination. 

Each of these benefits provides the rich soil for professional and personal growth. The safe space for exploration, the wisdom shared, the feedback offered, the motivation provided all lead to greater clarity in your professional path. 

The support of your community gives you the space to lean into your strengths, taking action that propels you forward out of feeling stuck and into your Masterpiece Work™. 

What do you feel is the best benefit of community? Why? 

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