What’s Your Growing Edge?

9.18.18 What's Your Growing Edge_

“There’s new life on the other side of this, and it’s calling me to the growing edge.”

-Howard Thurman

Have you ever noticed that the things that trip you up most often are blind spots, walls you’ve put up to protect yourself or mistakes and failures of the past you’re trying to avoid?

That’s been my experience. The more I try to cover my weaknesses and hide my failures, the more they show up in unintended and sometimes destructive ways. Occasionally, that has sabotaged opportunities to make a bigger impact in my Masterpiece Work™.

It took a long time to learn this lesson, but I’ve come to see that the failures, struggles, and blow ups in my life are usually caused by a growing edge that needs my attention.

Growing Edge vs. Weakness

So, what’s a Growing Edge and how is it different than a weakness? A growing edge can be an underdeveloped strength masquerading as a weakness. It can show up as a blind spot or a constant struggle. You may resist this area of your life for reasons unknown to you.

In my life, administrative tasks are a weakness. It’s an area I don’t excel in. I don’t care to know more about it. It’s wise to bring others onto my team to complement my weakness with their strength.

Currently, my growing edge is becoming comfortable making and producing videos. I resist making work videos and editing them is even worse! I acknowledge this is an important area for me to develop. I need to overcome the initial fear and develop the skills and techniques to become proficient and perhaps even excellent at it.

One thing is certain. Your co-workers, family and friends know your growing edge. Working closely with someone guarantees that your growing edge will be exposed.

Gaining Perspective on Your Growing Edge

What do you do when you keep bumping up against your growing edge? First, you must acknowledge its existence. It’s as though the growing edge is a cliff we fear peering over. We’re not sure what will happen and how we’ll move from our current incompetence through the growing edge to a more developed strength.

As we gain perspective, we come to see the growing edge as less of a cliff to fear falling off of and more of an ascent containing large boulders, streams to cross and maybe even a plateau where we can rest.

With this new perspective, we take the tentative first steps into the growing edge. If we’re wise, we invite trusted partners along on the journey. Navigating the journey is always easier with another along to support and encourage when the going gets tough.

Once we’ve taken the first tentative steps, progressing from a growing edge to a strength is a matter of practice and intentionality. Your trusted partners can provide feedback on how you’re growing. The edge that looked like a cliff becomes a wide vista of confidence. You know how you use the newly developed strength. You leverage it for bigger impact in your Masterpiece Work.

What is your growing edge? What new life will be possible on the other side of it?

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