Are you ready to move forward into a more profitable leadership role?


I’m Rhonda Peterson, executive coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator for financial service professionals moving into a leadership role in their organization.

You’re used to seeing returns on tangible investments. But in the leadership space, there are massive returns on intangible investments as well--like how you spend your time, where you give your energy, and the relationships you nurture with your rockstar team. But this kind of work can be hard to equate to actual returns, especially when we can’t see it reflected in our numbers right away.

Your work as a passionate and empathetic leader may require more mental energy than your analytical work did, but rest assured this kind of radical leadership WILL reap an ROI on your ROE -- your “return on energy.” 

My role is to get you there.


Do you believe in courage? I believe in feeling the fear and moving forward anyway. 

Can you imagine what is possible? I can. Let’s look to the future and see how it looks for you and your team. 

Do you believe in laughter? I do. Laughter reduces stress and frees up your mind for new possibilities.

Do you believe in collaboration? I find that when we empower everyone within our organization to participate as their truest selves, we allow their unique gifts to make the world a better place. 

Are you ready to move forward into a more fulfilling leadership role?