I think you know by now

There is no straight line in life, period!

We all prefer the shortest, most direct line from A to B in life; in our career, in our relationships.  But it doesn’t work that way.  I get it; as high achievers, we don’t like the sound of “slowing down to get faster”, nor The Dip, as Seth Godin shared in his book of the same name.  It’s also been called the messy middle (Brene Brown's Rising Strong), and the tunnel of chaos (Will Mancini's Church Unique Visual Summary).  Whatever name you use for it, the reality is there will be a season of greater effort yielding less results.  The question is, what will you do in that season?

Let’s chat about the nautilus for a moment: 

Did you know how it matures and grows to this fascinating, beautiful creature?

Internally, the shell divides into chambers.  The walls are called septa and are pierced in the middle by a duct. As the nautilus matures, it creates a new, larger chamber, and moves its growing body into the larger space,

squeezing its body through the small duct, then sealing the vacated chamber with a new wall.


Sound familiar?

Like the nautilus, in order to flourish, we must seal off the past.  We cannot go back, we cannot use the old way and hope for a different result.  We must MOVE to the new chamber, bringing with us our body, but leaving behind the old thinking and beliefs that no longer serve us.  This is being created anew, a process of growth that frees us to live from our core identity as God’s masterpiece, aligned with who God created us to be.  Until we move into this new chamber, we won’t feel fulfilled.

So, whether you are in the low point of The Dip or feel you’re running out of air because you are growing out of your current chamber, I can help you find the clarity you desire and deserve.

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