Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Objects in mirror (1)

If you drive a car, you see this message on a daily basis. When checking the passenger side mirror, you see this warning. It’s an important warning when you need to merge into traffic or change lanes. 

But what happens if you focus only on that mirror and the warning that goes along with it? You’ll miss your turn, lose your way, or even potentially crash. 

One thing is guaranteed. You won’t get where want to go! 

The same thing is true in finding your Masterpiece work. You can focus on the potential dangers and pitfalls to the point you are stuck.  

You’re paralyzed by fear and unable to see the potential opportunities that come your way. When that happens, you truly feel stuck. 

There Is Always A Choice 

BUT, there is always a choice. It may not seem possible when you’re focused on the dangers and pitfalls, but there are options. 

To perceive these options, you need to step back, look from a different perspective, see with new eyes. 

Where do you feel stuck?  

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a monkey being stuck – even trapped – because he wouldn’t let go of his banana. He didn’t see any option other than the banana in his hand. 

What if you stepped back to see form a different perspective? What would that make possible? 

Get Unstuck 

Would you like to get unstuck?  What would it feel like to Awaken Your Masterpiece? How would you like to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day? How would you like to engage in work that matters to you? What would it be like to make a bigger impact than you ever imagined? 

Awaken Your Masterpiece 

The Awaken Your Masterpiece Webinar is coming Thursday, August 23.  Sign up below to receive information when registration goes live. 

It’s your chance to explore getting unstuck and potential opportunities. You’ll learn about making a bigger impact than you imagined in the past. Get your notice by signing up below!  

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